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The Painters Room
Claridge's Newly Restored Ballroom
Claridge's unveils L'Epicerie
Claridge's Artspace
Claridge's: The Cocktail Book
Claridge's X Summerill & Bishop Collaboration
Claridge's Limited Edition Pyjamas
Claridge's Christmas Tree 2021
Claridge's Christmas Tree 2022

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The Painter's Room at Claridge's. The image shows a light pink corridor with a black and white chequered floor. There are seats and tables either side for drinks.
The Ballroom Rotunda at Claridge's. The image shows a doorway which looks onto the ballroom. Above the door is a green design which says Claridge's over it.
L'Epicerie at Claridge's. The image shows a table set up  The large table is decorated with plants and ready for food to be served with plates and glasses arranged.
A table setting at Claridge's. This image shows a table covered in flowers and candles. There is a large floral display in the centre of the image made up of white, pink and green flowers. The objects on the table are arranged on a pink and white chequered tablecloth.
The Connaught Bar. The image shows three bar tenders - one woman and two men - preparing and pouring cocktails. The are standing at the bar and behind them is a well stocked bar.
This image shows The Berkeley's Il Giardino summer pop-up. The image shows dining al fresco with fairy lights adorning the foliage overhead.
Cédric Grolet at The Berkeley - cakes of different size and shape
This image shows the front of The Maybourne Beverly Hills hotel. All the building's storeys are shown and on the ground there are tables and chairs shaded by umbrellas from the sun. There is a large terrace midway up the building which is lined with trees.
The Maybourne Bverly Hills rooftop pool with loungers on the side of the pool and trees in the back
The Cigar Terrace at Maybourne Riviera. This image shows four white chairs and a table to the left of the image, in the background are three tall trees. The right of the image shows the town built into the hillside.
The Maybourne Riviera. This image shows two deckchairs with orange cushions shaded by a large white parasol. The deckchairs are facing the sea, and to the left of the image, the corner of the infinity pool is shown.
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