Green tapestry with ivory background,  filled with intricate patterns of plants, animals and icons

The Maybourne Tapestry

The Maybourne Tapestry

For thousands of years, tapestries have been used to portray the ebb and flow of history through art. For Maybourne, our stories of distinction are brought together in an intricate new artwork – tracing our beginnings at the apex of Georgian society in the heart of Mayfair, to the landmark locations we call home today. Each hotel is represented through individually designed motifs that reflect the essence of their personality.

Green tapestry filled with intricate patterns of plants, animals and icons

Meet the artist

The Maybourne Tapestry is the work of up-and-coming illustrator, Martha Walmsley. Based in the north of England, her playful designs are carefully considered, using colour and composition to draw the eye in. Often inspired by themes of nature, culture and belonging, Martha has created a fluid piece that, like our hotels, blends timeless elegance with contemporary edge.

Black and white portrait of martha with her sketch pens and books infront of her on a table