Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Images this good can help inspire and educate, and may perhaps help save this critically endangered species.

Lewis Blackwell, Chair of the Jury


The tension of lions on the hunt. The beauty of a desert cactus. The joy of a gorilla at play. Prepare to be transported by the Natural History Museum’s latest selection of inspiring images from across the natural world.

This annual competition to uncover the best in global nature photography is now in its 53rd year. The 100 images forming this year’s exhibition were selected from close to 50,000 entries taken by professionals and amateurs in 92 countries. As one of just two Grand Title winners, ‘The Good Life’ – 16-year-old Daniël Nelson’s portrait of Caco the gorilla – is nothing short of compelling. The result of a three-hour trek through Congan jungles, the image captures a distinctly human-like moment in the life of this majestic mammal.

Such dedication lies behind many of the exhibition’s most eye-catching photos. Snapping a Costa Rican quetzal in flight for Tyohar Kastiel’s ‘Resplendent Delivery’ required a full week sitting in the same spot from dawn till dusk.

Whether you are a keen photographer, or simply awed by the animal kingdom, these captivating images truly demand to be seen.

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20 October 2017 - 28 May 2018 


Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road
London, SW7 5BD